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Monday, January 10, 2011


Jack Daniels, possibly the most reknown running coach in the world, opines that strength training is just a means to make the athlete stronger so that he can run more injury free. I think my knee issue arose from the cumulative stress of running and the strength training. Not running, I am struggling with the strength training: should I do legs? Looking at the issue strictly clinically, I should remove all possible causes for the issue until I heal completely. First start the running alone, followed by the weight training. My singular goal should be my 40 mile weeks.

But emotion creeps in. I have made such progress in my deadlifts and lunges. The two sets of eight repetitions of lunges that waylaid me a few years ago are completely surpassed now. I am working out with 80 lbs of dumbells when I do my lunges now. I must focus on my goal and not let ego intrude.

No leg work until I'm back at 40 miles per week.....or maybe do a single set!

I thought I'd share a photo of Denise approaching mile 26 at last year's Marine Corps Marathon. Her achievement was appropriately crowned her months of effort to prepare for the event.

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