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10 MCM (not for time) 09 MCM (348/1076)
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Corning Wineglass Marathon

What I learned at Corning:
  • Don't start off at a pace you instinctively feel is too fast saying: "We'll just see what happens."
  • You won't be able to "will" your way through the consequences of the first bullet.
  • Adjust for the weather. If its 42 F and raining, don't try to take 15 minutes off your PR with the rationalization that the course is mostly down hill.
  • Static stretching after seems to break up adhesions. It alleviates the soreness and stiffness.
  • 26 miles is roughly 3000 calories. 10%-15% of those are from metabolized protein. You may need the carbs right away, but get that protein.
  • A technical long sleeved top, shorts, gloves are sufficient for 42 F with rain and light winds.  
  • When a big rain drop hits the bridge of your nose, it bursts in a small explosion of water. This is usually entertaining. At mile 22, deep into a wall you brought on yourself, it is startling and a little surreal.
  • If its raining, use the BodyGlide in places you wouldn't normally expect.

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  1. Hi Dave, never posted a blog before so hopefully this time will be the clarm. Your running blogs are wonderful, easy to see how running is in your DNA. thanks for all your running tips on the byways of Severn Crossing sidewalks. take care and thanks for your encouragment. Maka Grogard (