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Monday, October 31, 2011

36th MCM

What I learned:
  • The after-effects of a full effort marathon last longer than 4 weeks.
  • If your hamstrings feel like they're at 90% when you start, they'll feel much less so as the race progresses.
  • Expect more DOMS than after your first same-season run.
  • You'll be slower than you expected, at least for your first same-season marathon.
  • Don't attempt to start out even at a pace you objectively think you can hold. Start more slowly.
  • (I didn't learn this, I had the good sense to forecast it.) As you decline, do not attempt to push through the exhaustion. Let your body slow down.
  • The freebie breakfast at the Residence Inn is busiest at opening. If your hunger allows, wait till about 7:10 AM. (We knew this from previous stays, but manage to forget each year.
  • After you're up for a while - at least if you're in good shape - the aches will subside and you will just have a sensation that nothing in your body is willing to move quickly. Specially your legs.
  • Running with and for the Marines at the MCM is worth it, specially in time of war.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing yet another MCM! You still inspire me, even though I don't get to see you at work anymore.