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11 MCM (not for time) 11 Wineglass (950/1442)
10 MCM (not for time) 09 MCM (348/1076)
09 Washington's Birthday Marathon (22/44) 08 MC Historic Half (51/210)
07 Frederick Marathon (32/60) 06 MCM (394/1076)
05 MCM (547/1047)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12/2/09: Fence Sitting

Its warmer this morning, 37F. The nearly full moon is shrouded by the first clouds of a weather front coming up from the south. The air is utterly calm. Its a sky worthy of Shelley or Poe. Mornings when Denise is not running, I tend to run on the treadmill, to encourage her to the basement to stretch or do a light workout. But this morning is so enticing. Will it be Maryland hills under a moody moon or iPod, BBC, and treadmill?

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